FTE C/D 2018

At the coordination conference FTE D Freight Traffic 2018 in Ljubljana 130 participants took part. The planners of 60 delegations specified the arrangements for the path requests of the freight traffic timetable 2019 during 248 group negotiations conducted. That’s a total of 61 more negotiations than back in 2015.

PCS EC Demo Session

FTE C Passenger Traffic

FTE D Güterverkehr

Simultaneously the conference FTE C Passenger Traffic took place in the garden hall of the Grand Hotel Union which included the following activities: 

·         Fine-tuning of the deployment of coaches/wagons EWP 

·         Validation of the Draft Timetable (Path Offer) and phrasing of observations

·         Preparation and harmonisation of «Late Path Requests»  

·         Consultation of measures regarding construction works with international impact

Our colleague Maté Bak from RNE held 5 demo session during FTE C/D as an Introduction to Envelope Concept, to demonstrate new views and rules in PCS that might have an impact on the users' work in TT2020.


Overview of Members