Project TTR - PMO

The TTR Project is now under the new management. On 01 December 2015 Mr. Björn Glaus (RNE/SMA and Partner AG) took charge of the overall project management.

In addition, a project management organisation (PMO) was set up as a staff unit by RNE to support the whole project in the communication and the «Project Change Management» in collaboration with FTE. The IMs planned in the working group to provide a draft framework timetabling process by the end of January 2016 and an assessed framework timetabling process by the end of March 2016. Therefore, the TTR project schedule is tight. The intention is to present the results of the IM at a TTR Project information event at the beginning of April 2016. The details for the process proposal have to be worked out yet, therefore the project activities will not be concluded in spring.


Overview of Members