Path Requests for Timetable 2017 Completed

The path requests for the timetable 2017 have been successfully completed on the new PCS user interface.

After several weeks of intensive work, the railway undertakings (RU) in passenger and freight traffic, have managed to submit their path requets to the infrastructure managers (IMs) and RailFreightCorridors (RFC) on schedule (by Monday, 11 April 2016).

Through the new PCS user interface 1575 dossiers of passenger traffic and 975 dossiers of freight traffic of the timetable 2017 were switched into path request phase.

From Tuesday, 12 April 2016 the work in PCS goes on: with the goal to prepare an internationally harmonized draft timetable by 04 July 2016, the IMs have started to edit the numerous PCS requests. This shall provide the basis for the coordination conferences FTE D freight traffic (04-07 July 2016) and FTE C passenger traffic (05-07 July 2016).

In addition, since 04 April complementary functionalities are available for PCS users. For example:
- "Bulk Promotion" for simultaneous switching of several dossiers from one phase to another phase
- "Make Observation" for the formulation of observations to the draft timetable by the RU from 05 July to 05 August 2016
- Path Modification / Path Alteration (according to the existing processes)

Since 25 January 2016, with the commissioning of the new PCS user interface, the RU-users of passenger and freight have gained a lot of valuable experience during the path request phase (January-April 2016).

If you as a user have any improvement suggestions on the implemented functionality/processes, please contact us. We have the opportunity to represent them at the next scheduled sessions "PCS User Group" on 11 May in Vienna and "RU Advisory Group" on 18 May 2016 in Bern.


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