Important decisions of the Plenary Assembly

The following important decisions were taken by the Plenary Assembly on 09 June 2016 in Bern:

Mr. Reinhard Wallner, Head of Production Management of Rail Cargo Austria AG, successor of Maria Czupponné Bratl

Mr. Maurizio Capotorto, Director Industrial Planning of Trenitalia and new Executive Board member

Welcome to the Executive Board of FTE

Farewell to the interpreters

Euro Express Sonderzüge GmbH & Co.  was accepted as a new member of FTE.

The current president Stephan Pfuhl was unanimously re-elected for the next 4 years.

Mrs. Maria Czupponné Bratl, Rail Cargo Austria AG, resigned from her Executive Board mandate and Mr. Reinhard Wallner, Head of Production Management of Rail Cargo Austria AG elected to replace Mrs. Czupponné Bratl. Also elected as an additional member of the Executive Board FTE was Mr. Maurizio Capotorto, Director Industrial Planning of Trenitalia.

The balance sheet, profit and loss statement 2015 and the budget 2017 were approved. The dates for the meetings in 2017 and and the coordination conferences in 2018 have been set.

Activities related to TTR and PCS were shared. The statutes adjustments related to the implementation of the English language from 1.1.2017 and the extension of the Executive Board have also been adopted.

The future direction of the organization FTE associated with the following additional fields of action were agreed to:


·         Additional performance by FTE in PCS


·         Expansion of activities to interface RNE


·         Active participation in the platforms and activities  of the RFCs


·         Increased involvement of FTE in TAF TAP-TSI topics


·         Influence of FTE on regulation regarding timetables


The Assembly agreed to the necessary additional resources for further services of secretariat FTE. Thus nothing standing in the way of  strengthening the organization,.

The activity reports of the Commissions P + F as well as the Executive Board were presented in detail by Jean-Yves Leclercq, Roland Hartkopf and Stephan Pfuhl.

Members will find the related documents at the following link:


Overview of Members