FTE C/D Coordination Conferences

Also this year in July, the coordination conference FTE D took place at the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana, Slovenia. During numerous meetings 140 participants from 57 delegations from 24 European validated the Draft Timetable (Path Offer) and formulated observations for the 2018 freight timetable. At the FTE D a representant from CAPTRAIN Italy took place for the very first time and at the plenary session with Frank Jost, we had an important guest from the EU Commission in Brussels. Mr. Jost held an informative presentation about the schedule for capacity allocation reviewing Annex VII and was point of contact the following days.

At the same time the coordination conference FTE C with 32 participants took place. The planers harmonized the deployment of coaches/wagons EWP in the international passenger traffic and validated the Draft Timetable (Path Offer) for the timetable 2018.

Roland Hartkopf, a long-time member of the Executive Board FTE, was said goodbye by all participants at the joint dinner. Roland will retire at the beginning of 2018. We sincerely thank him for his commitment to FTE and wish him all the best for his future.


presentaton of Frank Jost from the EU Commission about Annex VII

meeting between Infra and SZ Cargo (Slovenian IM and RU)EVU)

farewell speech of Roland Hartkopf

FTE C Passenger Traffic




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